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Solve'em When You Get'em

Jan 6, 2022

This episode deals with critiquing law enforcement so we can get better.  I talk about me so the listener understands my cop background.  Here is to a different 2022.  Stay Safe and Tuned.

Dec 3, 2021

Comments on the recent cases and my thoughts on why we are where we are today.  The past follows us and then older heads teach not so older heads and technique is passed down.  Plus when law enforcement ask the public for help give them a way to contact us. 

Nov 11, 2021

Until government can get cameras up and a real time crime center working we still need to produce evidence with the cameras in place.  Listen to how we developed a plan off of the camera on a bus.

Oct 11, 2021

We need a why the murder occurred to get to the who.   Sometimes we can find The Who without knowing the why but when there is not reason for murder the potential for a serial murder episode grows.  Rarely do we have this but is frustrating when someone that can supply The Who runs away.

Aug 18, 2021

When there is no Why to the murder the Who can be hidden for years to come.  If The Who does not talk or brag the murder can be pushed to the back but never forgotten.  We need to look at cases unsolved through the lens if Brennen Lovett.